4 Reasons Why Oak Trusses are Trending in 2019


In 2019, roof framing is starting to undergo dramatic changes. Common rafters are beginning to become a thing of the past. Many homeowners are using oak trusses in Shropshire and are currently the top choice all over the market. Many are questioning the sudden change in preference, but there are four reasons why oak trusses are becoming a thing.

Provides a Cheaper Alternative

Fewer people are using traditional rafters for their roof framing because it has a higher cost. Most trusses undergo structure and construction offsite, which is why it is cheaper than rafters. It is also easier to install in many houses because they are already built beforehand, compared to rafters that need weeks of construction before people can live under it.

Made with Strong Material

Lumber is present in both rafters and trusses. However, oak trusses require smaller and cheaper lumber pieces. The builders can provide a solid frame that is stable enough to support at least 60 feet both in height and length using tooth plate connectors. The durable material allows homeowners to get creative with their walls and floor space, which are common trends in homes worldwide. Also, the truss framing will produce lesser wood waste compared to rafters since most of the material needed with oak trusses are lumber pieces.

Adds Room to People’s Homes

Once installed, oak trusses can provide homeowners with enough space to experiment on the interior design. Since you have a stable roof, you only need to worry about what you want to put inside your home. The truss framing also removes the need for load-bearing walls, allowing you to put up mirror or glass without worrying about the deterioration of the rafters. Glass walls will make your home feel more open and spacious, which will add another exciting element in your house.

Brings Character to Your House

Open-space homes provide an aesthetic appeal that will reflect on owners. Oak trusses also invite a natural atmosphere that no conventional rafters can achieve. If you are dreaming of a unique and attractive home that will make your house the go-to place for your friends and relatives, then you should consider using oak trusses for the foundation of your home.

More people are trying to move away from the modernization of houses and back to the traditional design. With oak trusses, you can also achieve that look to make your home feel aesthetic and attractive for you and your family.


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