Shaw Flooring Had The Best Prices On Flooring Around

I wanted to get new floors in my home. I had wanted them for a long time and had been saving up the money to pay for them. I finally had enough saved up and I started searching for new flooring. I knew there was a Shaw Flooring location in my city so I headed there first. I had always heard they had a great selection on flooring and that sometimes they had really great sales too. I decided to check it out.

I was amazed at all the options they had in their store. There was any type of carpet you could imagine in there and also hard flooring options too. I started looking more at the wood, laminate and vinyl flooring because I wanted something that would be easy to keep clean. I couldn’t decide which one was the best option so I asked a sales associate what they would recommend in my situation.

After I discussed my options I found that vinyl plank flooring may be the best one for me. It was easy to install and it was known to hold up really well. I needed something tough and sturdy because of my pets and constant traffic in and out of my home from my kids. It was also affordable and I had enough money saved to buy the flooring and have it installed by a professional.

I told the sales associate the size of the rooms I have and they totaled up the amount that I would need. I also asked them when they would be able to have an installer do the work. They were able to set something up for the next day and said they should have it done by the time I get home. I couldn’t believe they would be able to do it that fast.

I was amazed when I walked into my home and saw my new flooring from Shaw Flooring. They did a wonderful job on the installation and I know I made the best choice to get the vinyl flooring. Even though it isn’t real and many people say they would not have it in their home, I can tell it will stand the test of time and will prove all those others wrong in what they say. I have received several compliments on the floors already because they look great.