Trends For Great Kitchen Design In Devon

Gone are the days when the home kitchen was an afterthought – a place where food preparation took place, a storage area for dry goods and a place where the washing up took place. Today’s kitchens are a focal point of the home. One could argue that it’s always been the case – notice how people at parties always tend to gravitate to the kitchen – but today the latest design trends actually stress the kitchen as one of those places that are welcoming, as well as functional.

Take for example the latest trends as far as Smart Kitchens are concerned. Technology is allowing aspiring chefs and homeowners to take control of their Devon kitchen space like never before. Everything from the stove and fridge (it can tell when the milk is going bad or when the butter needs replacing) to the lighting can now be controlled from a smart device (using manufacturer-approved apps). Even faucets can now feature motion-sensing functionality. The technology cuts down on effort and time – and gives you more leisure to simply enjoy the act of cooking – or entertaining your guests.

What about the colour schemes? White used to be the go-to option for cabinets and appliances – but darker and more vibrant colours are in. Want a Ferrari red fridge – there are plenty of those on the market – and countertop appliances to match. Blue and green are also making a play for top design honours.

Streamlining hasn’t completely replaced that cottage look – but having a stress-free kitchen environment is certainly one of the design trends that is going to be shaping the kitchens of 2022. Simplicity and clean lines are in. An example – there is an increasing trend to doing away with upper cabinets – it opens up the space – and there are other recessed storage options that are now popular.

But some things remain the same. The kitchen is still going to attract visitors and quartz is still going to be a countertop favourite. Next time you are building or remodelling your Devon kitchen take a careful look at the options – many will make the world of difference to your kitchen experience.

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